U.S.D. #338 Valley Falls

Board of Education Meeting

January 11, 2021

6:30 P.M.

Unofficial Minutes


1.                  CALL MEETING TO ORDER

The meeting was called to order by President, Thomas Welsh, at 6:30 P.M. in the library.

                  Present:  Donny Smith, Aaron Sprang, Kimberly Kirkham, LaVerne Clark, Thomas Welsh, Sharon Sweeney, Georgia Hollis, Dr. Volora Hanzlicek and Brenda Henson.  Georgia Hollis was present via zoom.




      a.          Motion by LaVerne Clark to nominate Donny Smith second by Thomas Welsh.  Motion by LaVerne Clark second by Thomas Welsh to close                                           nominations for Board President. 

                  Yes            6          No       1    (Donny Smith abstained from the vote.)

                  The Board elected Donny Smith as Board President.


      b.         Motion by Sharon Sweeney to nominate Aaron Sprang second by LaVerne Clark.  Motion by Aaron Sprang to nominate Kimberly Kirkham                       second by Thomas Welsh.

                  Voting was 3 votes (Kimberly Kirkham, Sharon Sweeney and Donny Smith)  for Aaron Sprang.  Voting was 4 votes (Georgia Hollis, Aaron Sprang,  LaVerne Clark and Thomas Welsh) for Kimberly Kirkham.  Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Aaron Sprang to close nominations for Board  Vice-President. 

                  The Board elected  Kimberly Kirkham as Board Vice-President.           


      c.         Motion by LaVerne Clark to nominate the President and Vice-President  second by Aaron Sprang.  The Board elected Donny Smith and Kimberly                          Kirkham as the BOE Negotiations Committee Chairpersons.

  Yes            7          No       0


              d.         Motion by Sharon Sweeney to nominate LaVerne Clark second by  Kimberly Kirkham for the Economic Development Committee Board                                           Representative.    

  Yes            6          No       1          (LaVerne Clark abstained from the vote.)


              e.         Motion by Kimberly Kirkham to appoint Sharon Sweeney second by  Aaron Sprang for the Curriculum Coordinating Council Member.

                  Yes            7                      No       0



               f.         Motion by Aaron Sprang to appoint Thomas Welsh second by Kimberly Kirkham for the KASB Governmental Relations Network                  


                          Yes            6          No       1     (Thomas Welsh abstained from the vote.)


                          Motion by Sharon Sweeney to appoint Georgia Hollis second by Thomas Welsh for the alternate KASB Governmental Relations Network         


                          Yes            7          No       0    


               g.        Motion by Kimberly Kirkham to nominate Thomas Welsh and Aaron Sprang second by Sharon Sweeney.  The Board elected Thomas Welsh and  Aaron Sprang as the USD 338 Foundation Board Members.

  Yes            6          No       1          (Thomas Welsh abstained from the vote.)


              h.         Motion by Laverne Clark to nominate Sharon Sweeney second by Thomas Welsh.  The Board elected Sharon Sweeney the Keystone Board                                           Representative.

  Yes            7          No       0


      3.         ADOPTION OF AGENDA

Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Thomas Welsh to approve the agenda as amended.

                          Yes            7            No     0


      4.         REVIEW BOARD NORMS






a.       Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings.

b.      Approve Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Warrants.

c.       Receive Keystone Board Meeting Report.

d.      Approve resignations as follows:  Kyle Glissman as a Part-Time Custodian; Rachel Day as the Middle School Cheer Sponsor; and Dallas Clift as Middle School Assistant Track Coach.

e.       Approve hiring as follows: Kaydie Brandl as the 2021-22 Ag Teacher.

f.       The Board received a written report in the Board packet from Susan Grey and Greg Morgan. 


Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Thomas Welsh to approve the consent agenda as amended.

Yes      7        No   0


Old Business


7.         Information Items


a.  The Board received good news from the building from StuCo, FCCLA and NHS.       

b.   The Board received a thank you note from the custodial staff and Cary.

c.   The Board was given the KASB Policy Updates for review.

d.   The Board received a Superintendent report regarding CRRSA federal monies (ESSER II) and vaccinations.


New Business


8.       Discussion Items


          a.  The Board discussed second semester calendar items and alternate option ideas.

                  i.          High school activities by Mr. Morgan and Mrs. Ellerman regarding prom and service learning.  Mr. Morgan spoke regarding Cade                                           Norris’ football recognition.

                  ii.         Elementary/middle school activities by Ms. Grey and Mrs. Brosa.




a.   Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Aaron Sprang to approve establishing Board of Education meeting dates as the second Monday of each month in the District Library with the meeting starting at 6:30 p.m., with the exception from the list of the Board Meeting date of March 15, 2021, for the March meeting date.

                        Yes      7          No       0


b.  Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by LaVerne Clark to approve the Resolution as amended.

      Yes      7          No       0


c.   Motion by Kimberly Kirkham second by Sharon Sweeney to go into executive session beginning at 8:15 P.M. to discuss matters of non-elected personnel that relates to performance and contracts for the FY21 school year pursuant to the exception relating to personnel under KOMA, K.S.A. 75-4319 et seq.  The board will reconvene in this room at 8:30 P.M.  The Board extended the executive session until 8:35 P.M.  The Board extended the executive session until 8:45 P.M.  Volora left the session at 8:39 P.M.  The Board extended the executive session until 8:50 P.M.

                        Yes      7          No      0


                        The Board meeting returned to open session at 8:51 P.M.




                        The meeting was adjourned by the President at 8:51 P.M.

Previous Meetings