U.S.D. #338 Valley Falls

Board of Education Meeting

February 10, 2020

6:30 P.M.

Unofficial Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President, Thomas Welsh, at 6:30 P.M. in the vocal music room.

Present: Donny Smith, Aaron Sprang, Kimberly Kirkham, LaVerne Clark, Thomas Welsh, Sharon Sweeney, Shannon Meyer, Dr. Volora Hanzlicek and Brenda Henson.


Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Shannon Meyer to approve the agenda as amended.

Yes 7 No 0


Mary Constant-Douthit and students spoke regarding high school art and activities.




a.Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings.

b.Approve Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Warrants.

c.Approve $3000.00 to the high school District activity account and $1000.00 to the elementary District activity account for spring District expenditures.

d.Receive Keystone Board Meeting Report.

e.Receive Site Council Minutes.

f.The Curriculum Coordinating Council Meeting was cancelled.

g.Receive Monthly Vehicle Mileage Sheets.

h.There were no new Minutes for the Recreation Commission, because their meeting is scheduled for February 12th.

i.Approve resignations as follows: Dylan Bickford as Dance Coach.

j.Approve hiring as follows: Bryan Bedigrew as Head Softball Coach and Jordan Barber as Assistant Softball Coach.

k.The Board received a written report in the Board packet from Susan Grey.

Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Shannon Meyer to approve the consent agenda as presented.

Yes 7 No 0

Old Business

6. Information Items

a. The Board received a thank you note from elementary staff members.

b. The Board received cash balance comparisons.

c. The Board received sub-committee reports regarding school and community; curriculum and instruction; and health and wellness.

d. The Board received a Superintendent report regarding a budget comparison for fiscal year 2019 to fiscal year 2020; a budget outlook for fiscal year 2021 and fiscal year 2022; and Superintendent expectations.

New Business

7. Discussion Items

a. The Board discussed the 504 handbook;

b. The Board discussed updates to board policy.

c. The Board discussed the Emergency Management Procedure.

d. The Board discussed the Vo-Ag Program.

e. The Board discussed the Strategic Plan.

f. The Board discussed the request for a waiver of partial fees for the county 4-H Club Day.

i. A Fee Sheet was not discussed.


a. Motion by Donny Smith second by Sharon Sweeney to approve to give permission to sell a bus on Purple Wave.

Yes 7 No 0

b. Motion by Kimberly Kirkham second by Aaron Sprang to approve to give permission to sell the old stoves (2) and microwaves (3) from the FACS room.

Yes 7 No 0

c. Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Shannon Meyer to approve the 2020-2021 School Year Calendar as presented.

Yes 7 No 0

d. Motion by Shannon Meyer second by Sharon Sweeney to seek bids for summer outsourcing of grounds keeping.

Yes 7 No 0

e. Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by LaVerne Clark to go into executive session beginning at 7:35 P.M. to discuss matters adversely or favorably affecting a student to discuss the possibility of attending an alternative Technical Center; executive session to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel that relate to performance and contracts for the FY21 school year; and executive session to discuss negotiations specific to what the notification letter will include for bargaining pursuant to the exceptions relating to the above subjects under KOMA, K.S.A. 75- 4319 et seq. The board will reconvene in this room at 8:15 P.M. The Board extended the executive session until 8:30 P.M. The Board extended the executive session until 8:35 P.M.

Yes 7 No 0

The Board meeting returned to open session at 8:35 P.M.

i. Motion by Donny Smith second by Aaron Sprang to approve a student attending the Highland Community College Technical Center. Yes 7 No 0

ii. Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by LaVerne Clark to approve a contract for Susan Grey with the base salary of $83,050 for an 11 month contract for the position of PreK-8 plus: $600 for professional dues; single health and dental insurance premium; a total of 15 days of leave each year accumulative to sixty days. After banking thirty-six, the Principal may buy back up to fifteen discretionary days per year at a rate of $95.00 per day.

Yes 7 No 0

f. There was a Motion by Sharon Sweeney that failed to receive a second regarding the possible advertisement for a high school principal position.

g. There was no Motion made, therefore, no action taken on an accounting system conversion.


The meeting was adjourned by the President at 8:39 P.M.