Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Will a PCR test show a positive result for a student who has tested in the past 90 days? Yes, this is a possibility. That is why the district will only use a rapid antigen test when testing students who have tested positive. It will tell us if the student is currently contagious.

  2. If I have been a close contact can I ride the bus? First, as close contact, you need to determine if you are going to opt-in to testing. If you opt-out of testing, close contact will remain home for 10 days. If opting into testing, you will test on day 1 and day 5. Students will not be able to ride the bus on these two days of testing in the morning as a parent or someone will need to come in with the student testing.

  3. Will a home test be accepted? No, test results must come from an official lab. USD #338 is an official lab.

  4. Is the district contract tracing? No, the district is no longer contract tracing but will make general notifications when there is a possible exposure. No specific information will be released per HIPPA.

  5. Is the modified quarantine guidelines still being used? Yes, if you have been identified as close contact, you can request a PCR test on Day 6, and with a negative result and no symptoms on day 7, you can take your mask off on day 8.

  6. If I have tested positive and have a KDHE letter that says I can return on Day 6, do I have to test to return? Yes, you must have a negative rapid test to return before Day 10 per board policy.

  7. What if I have had COVID in the last 90 days? No masking or close contact identification will be applied to those that have proof of an official positive (conducted in a confirmed laboratory setting) within the last 90 days.

  8. Will athletes and the spirit squad have a second opportunity to test before a game to take his/her mask off while on the field of play? If an athlete or spirit squad member has been determined a close contact and tests negative on a rapid test before the game, they will not have to mask ON THE FIELD OF PLAY. They must still wear it on the bench, locker room, and elsewhere. If an athlete or spirit squad member has tested positive and returned to the building, there is no second opportunity to test. They must remain masked at all times for 10 days.

  9. What is my testing date falls on a weekend or I am not in school that day? You will test on the first day back to school. For example, if your day 5 falls on Saturday and you return to school on Monday, you will test on Monday morning (day 7).

USD #338 Data Current as of :


Students in Quarantine/"Close Contact" Restrictions


Students with Confirmed Positives


Staff in Quarantine


Staff with Confirmed Positives


*Due to the possibility of identification, numbers below 5 will be reported as <5.