Valley Falls Recreation Commission


  • If you are interested in obtaining a key card to the center please call or email us. You must be a post graduate and 18 years of age, live in the USD #338 school district, and/or have children in attendance.
  • Key cards to the center are $30 per year for each adult, 18 years of age and /or a high school graduate. For more information please contact a commission member.

For those using the center we ask that you please be sure and clean your shoes off really well when coming in from outside. Keeping your shoes and the floor clean helps keep the machines working smoothly.

Recreation Commission Members:
Heather Allen, Jeri Clark, Noe Garza, Michelle Gerety, and Clay Hawk

Recreation Commission ByLaws

Any questions about the events below please email: vfreccomm@yahoo.com or call Jeri Clark at 945-6741 or 224-9811.