District Procedures for COVID-19

Click the link for the COVID-19 procedures adopted by the Board in August for USD #338.  For a quick flowchart see Appendix D page 30.  https://5il.co/ivsn

KSBE (Kansas Board of Education) is no longer requiring the remote learning logs.  This is a change that occurred after the adoption of the plan.  

USD #338 COVID Quarantine/Isolation Report - this report automatically updates when the buildings update return information for students and staff. Click here for info: http://bit.ly/338COVIDINFO


October 2020 Update:

Current Policy amended to allow the purchase of pre-packaged treats by parents from the District or outside vendor for holidays and birthdays.

December 2020 Update:

Shortened Quarantine Guidelines

  • Please Note:        

    1. The person must not have any symptoms to do the shortened quarantine.

    2. It has to be a full 7 days of quarantine with the test (they must wait to receive results before returning) or a full 10 days of quarantine without the test.

    3. The incubation period did not change.  It is still a full 14 days that a person could become symptomatic/infectious from last date of exposure, so those coming out of quarantine early must continue to self-monitor for any symptoms through day 14.