U.S.D. #338 Valley Falls

Board of Education Meeting

September 9, 2019

6:30 P.M.

Unofficial Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President, Jody Lockhart, at 6:30 P.M. in the library.

Present: John Shipley, LaVerne Clark, Jody Lockhart, Heidi Pickerell, Thomas Welsh, Stephanie Steinlicht, Sharon Sweeney, Dr. Volora Hanzlicek and Brenda Henson. Stephanie was present via phone at 6:34 P.M. Stephanie arrived at the meeting at 6:51 P.M.


Motion by Heidi Pickerell second by Sharon Sweeney to approve the agenda as amended.

Yes 7 No 0



The Board reviewed the 2019-20 USD 338 Budget.


Summer Carter and Tyler Lockhart spoke regarding school improvement and the Student Leadership Team.




a.Approve Minutes of Previous Meetings.

b.Approve Treasurer’s Report and Approval of Warrants.

c.Approve the close-out of inactive building accounts and transfer of money to active accounts.

d.Receive Keystone Board Meeting Report.

e.Receive Monthly Vehicle Mileage Sheets.

f.Approve hiring as follows: Dallas Clift as a van driver; Tabitha Fialkowski as a Middle School Cheer Sponsor; Deb Spade and Jarrod Simon as Senior Class Sponsors; and Gary Smith, as a van driver, when requirements have been met.

g.Receive the August Recreation Commission Minutes.

h.The Board received a written report in the Board packet from Susan Grey.

Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Heidi Pickerell to approve the consent agenda as presented.

Yes 7 No 0

Old Business

8. Discussion Items

a. The Board discussed ADA chair lifts.

9. Information Items

a. There were no written communications.

b. The Board received cash balance comparisons.

c. The Board received sub-committee reports regarding governmental finance and health and wellness.

d. The Board received a Superintendent report regarding ADA compliance and the Foundation.

New Business

10. Information Items

The Board discussed setting up a date to review KASB Policy updates.

PTO took a moment to present Heidi Pickerell with a gift for her years of service with PTO.

11. Discussion

a. The Board discussed a therapy dog.

b. The Board discussed a Facility Use addition to Rate A.


a. Motion by Heidi Pickerell second by Stephanie Steinlicht to approve to participate in 8-man football.

Yes 7 No 0

b. Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Heidi Pickerell to approve the District making a transfer of funds to the high school athletic start-up fund in the amount of $5000.00.

Yes 7 No 0

c. Motion by Stephanie Steinlicht second by Sharon Sweeney to approve to issue a waiver for facility use payment from the Delaware Township Fire Department for Donkey Basketball and to sell funnel cakes at the football field during the Homecoming game, based on EMS’ donation of prior services.

Yes 7 No 0

d. Motion by Thomas Welsh second by Sharon Sweeney to go into executive session beginning at 8:02 P.M. to discuss matters of non- elected personnel that relates to performance and contracts. Also, to include executive session to discuss confidential student information pursuant to the exception relating to actions adversely or favorable affecting a student under KOMA, K.S.A. 75-4319 et seq. The board will reconvene in this room at 8:20 P.M.

Yes 7 No 0

The Board meeting returned to open session at 8:22 P.M.

i. Motion by Heidi Pickerell second by Sharon Sweeney to approve to waive instructional fees of those meeting criteria and to grant the Superintendent the authority to approve them based on criteria for the remainder of fiscal year 2020.

Yes 7 No 0

ii. Motion by Stephanie Steinlicht second by LaVerne Clark to approve the attendance of the out of district students.

Yes 7 No 0

iii. Motion by Sharon Sweeney second by Heidi Pickerell to approve, starting in January 2020, USD 338 will provide a matching retirement benefit in a 403(b) account with the following stipulations for administrators:

1. The minimum contribution to be matched must be $25.00.

2. The 1:1 contribution will be matched by the district up to $100 per month.

3. The administrator is vested with the first payment into the 403(b) account.

Yes 7 No 0

e. Motion by Heidi Pickerell second by LaVerne Clark to approve to allow FCCLA to travel to Texas for an overnight trip and for the District to pay Margo Ellerman’s expenses of up to $500.00.

Yes 7 No 0


The meeting was adjourned by the President at 8:23 P.M.